iCare Taylor

iCare Taylor App for City Services


Now you can request city services directly from your smartphone or tablet. The iCare Taylor app allows you to choose from an extended list of service categories. You can also watch City Council meetings or listen to city podcasts right from the iCare Taylor app. Another new feature gives residents a confirmation response within 24 hours!

iCare Taylor is the best way to show you care about your city!


  • Street Light Out
  • Traffic Light Out
  • Pot Hole
  • Snow/Ice Removal
  • Street Sweeping
  • Missing Street Sign
  • Street Flooding


  • Compost Site Odor
  • Fireworks
  • Noise
  • Found Pet
  • Lost Pet
  • Dead Animal on Road


  • Alley Clean up
  • Mailbox Replace
  • Shoulder Replace
  • Sidewalk Maintenance


  • Ditch Maintenance
  • Backyard Flooding
  • Storm Drain Clean
  • Water Main Break
  • Water Running out of House
  • Restore Water Service


  • Junk and Debris Removal
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Overgrown Weeds
  • Dangerous Building


  • Missed Trash Pickup
  • Missed Recycle Pick up
  • Missed Compost Pick up
  • Request New Trash Container


On a mobile device? iCare Taylor is available for download on the iOS and Android platforms:

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