About Us



The Mission of the Taylor Community Library is to provide courteous and professional informational, cultural, and educational resources to all in our service population, to help meet the challenges of life today and to assist in preparing for the future.

Free-of-Charge Library Services

Fun Facts About the Taylor Community Library

  • Approximately 150,000 items are checked out annually.
  • 3,500 people attend events at the Library annually.

Equal Access to Quality Education

The Taylor Community Library has evolved into a dynamic educational resource for any and all age groups. Workshops and research materials now take advantage of new technologies while maintaining access to historic information.

You might not think of going to the library to take a class or learn a new skill. You might not think to download a library audiobook or magazine from the comfort of your living room, but that's exactly why you should think again. Books are just the beginning!

Our friendly and professional educators and customer service staff are eager to serve you!